At Plantation Tune Tech, we’re only as good as our staff. Our team consists of highly trained and experienced technicians and customer support specialists. Here are our employees:

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Kelly Fearnley, Plantation Tune Tech owner

Kelly Fearnley has 25 years of experience in the truck rental industry, first with Ryder for 10 years and then with Budget at Plantation. He has worked at Plantation since 1997 and purchased the business in 2009. At plantation, Kelly oversees the use, booking and maintenance of a fleet of between 10 and 40 trucks. In his space time, Kelly likes photography, aviation and reading and collecting old books. He has earned an Automotive Service Consultant training certificate.



List of auto technicians

Ed Guild, service adviser

Ed Guild. Ed came to Plantation in 2005 and helps people evaluate their problems and steers them to the correct service. Ed has been an auto technician since 1983 and has worked in truck and fleet maintenance, auto dealerships and independent shops. He is an ASE certified service adviser and has hundreds of hours in training for Cadillac, AC Delco, Oldsmobile, GMC, NAPA and other brands. Ed is the former owner of Boise Radiator Shop and was a US Navy radioman. One of his more unusual jobs was working on the heat exchangers for the Hagerman Dam generators, basically 10-foot-tall giant radiators.  Ed lives in Boise .



Ryan Glenn, Plantation Tune Tech auto technician

Ryan Glenn has been an auto technician since 2002 and holds dozens of certifications from AC Delco and ASE in engine repair, suspension, brakes, performance and related fields. Ryan currently studies business administration at the University of Phoenix served in the U.S. Navy in search and rescue. A renaissance man, Ryan also modifies and races his own Camaro in road competitions throughout the Northwest and likes dirt biking, ATVing, jet skiing, boating and competition shooting. Ryan lives with his daughter in Boise.



Sandy Bright is a Budget Truck rental specialist

Sandy Bright has worked at Plantation Tune Tech since 1989 and specializes in helping customers have the most efficient, safe and affordable move possible. She is trained in the operation and use of all our Budget Truck Rental vehicles for one-way, local and cross-town moving. She educates customers on various types of protection coverages for the rented equipment and the customers’ belongings. Coverages include physical damage, liability and personal cargo. She also advises customers on the proper use of hand trucks, padding, boxes and tie-downs.



boise air lift suspension installation aftermarket

Tom Lenan, Plantation Tune Tech auto technician and aftermarket specialist

Tom Lenan is an advanced apprentice auto technician, working toward his ASE certification. He started with in the US Army from 2000 to 2003, where he maintained Humvees and heavy trucks. He learned engine work, electrical, heating and cooling, suspension and other systems. Tom also completed the auto technician program at North Valley Occupational Center in California and worked at GM dealerships. Tom lives in Eagle with his wife and three children and moved here because Boise is a better place to raise a family. For fun, Tom likes doing things with his family and working on cars. He has expertise in installing car stereo systems, air lift bags in show cars, and other aftermarket modifications.

Benjamin Phillips, Plantation Tune Tech auto technician

Benjamin Phillips, Plantation Tune Tech auto technician

Benjamin Phillips has been a technician at Tune Tech since 2008 and is certified by the American Society for Automotive Excellence. He has worked at a number of dealerships and independent shops over the years and has a wide variety of automotive skills. He studied automotive technology at the Sequoia Institute in California. Benjamin lives in Boise with his wife and three children and enjoys camping and spending time with his family.