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Don't allow overheating! Extreme heat calls for protecting your car

Don't allow overheating! Extreme heat calls for protecting your car

Temperatures around Boise will hit 106 degrees today and even higher tomorrow, with triple-digits forecast for the rest of the week. That kind of heat puts extreme stress on an engine and this is a good time to think about getting your engine checked out. You definitely don't want to be one of the motorists on the side of the road, hood open Catastrophic overheating happens all the time in hot weather. and steam and fumes pouring out. An auto engine runs optimally at 200 degrees Fahrenheit and produces a great deal of heat. Overheating will destroy it within minutes. In the depths of winter, when it is the teens and single digits, an engine may run just fine without a cooling system! Most of the time, though, a cooling system is essential to keep the engine within operating temperatures. The higher the outside temperature, the less margin of error there is and the faster heat will damage your engine. The cooling system consists of the radiator, water pump, cooling fan a ... read more


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