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We're seeing daily overheating problems

With all the heat in Boise lately, we're seeing more and more people coming in with overheating problems, at least once a day and sometimes several a day. People tend to neglect their cooling system because they don't see it or hear it - bad breaks squeak, a faulty air conditioner doesn't cool and transmission problems make the car drive strange. But cooling systems don't attract much attention. Excessive heat is bad for many of a car's systems, including the battery and tires. According to AAA, overheating is one of the top causes of breakdowns, right after flat tires. Overheating can quickly destroy on engine. If your warning light comes on, get it fixed right away. Here are some great tips also if you're dealing with an overheating emergency. You need to act immediately if you see the engine temperature warning light come on or steam starts coming o ... read more


car overheating
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