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Jasper provides the best remanufactured engines

At Plantation Tune Tech, our auto technicians often do heavy engine work, including overhauls. Other Boise auto shops frequently send us their work that is too difficult for them to perform. However, sometimes, the engine is beyond what we can do and the customer needs a remanufactured engine.

We are pleased to work with JASPER Engines and Transmission on acquiring rebuilt engines for customers who need them.

Unfortunately, many people who need a new engine will get one from a junkyard - bad idea! Junkyard engines are often steam cleaned and look good. But an engine is a complex piece of machinery and if it's from a junkyard, it could all kinds of problems no one knows about. You're rolling the dice and it could be a very expensive gamble.

For example, the engines of vehicles involved in rollover accidents may continue to run, even running wide open while upside down, starved of oil and incurring damage by the second. A head-on collision will almost always damage the cooling system, and if the engine continues to run without coolant, damage due to overheating will result.

Even a relatively new junkyard engine may have high miles. Engine wear, like these scratches, contributes to lubrication problems that can cause engine failure. Damage to critical internal parts from poor lubrication leads to engine failure. Without complete disassembly, how will you know what you’re getting

Every JASPER remanufactured engine is machined to eliminate scratches and other surface imperfections to ensure proper lubrication and smooth engine operation. A JASPER

remanufactured engine meets or exceeds original specifications, helping to assure long, dependable engine life. This includes oven baking, salt bath, ultrasonic cleaning, solvent wash and detergent washing. Wear items such as pistons, bearings, valves and springs are automatically replaced with every engine. Boring, honing, and resurfacing are performed to correct normal wear in critical areas. Remanufacturing allows engines to be built to better than original specifications by correcting inherent flaws.

JASPER remanufactured engines are live-run tested with computer-aided equipment to assure proper operating conditions before they are shipped.

JASPER remanufactured engines are covered by a 3 Year/100,000 Mile Nationwide Transferable Parts & Labor Warranty, and come with an available Premium Service Plan.

A JASPER remanufactured engine will work like NEW. Plantation Tune Tech is proud to offer them.


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