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Oil changes are chance for important checkups

People sometimes wonder why they should pay a little more for an oil change at an auto shop, when a quick-lube joint could change their oil for less.

We do lots of oil changes, hundreds a year. Every now and then, during the course of an oil change, we find a more serious problem, something that could lead to an engine failure.

The kind of thing that makes your engine stop on the freeway without warning.

We discover these things and give our best assessment of what's at stake and how to fix it. Sometimes, the fix is simple and other times not. But the point is these problems would most likely be overlooked at one of the quick-lube business. When we do an oil change, we have a trained, experienced technician look for a variety of potential problems in the engine, transmission, suspension, exhaust, drive train and more. Staff at a quick-lube place don't have the training, time or interest in the overall car. Their job is to change your oil; ours is to assure reliability, overall safety and the long life of your car and all its systems.


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