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Synthetic oil is a good choice - for some cars

There's a lot of discussion about synthetic oils and if they're right for your car. We'd like to clear the air on this important topic.

Synthetic oils have a lot of advantages, mainly because they are resistant to heat and pressure - the two biggest sources of engine stress. Oil, as a lubricant, exists to protect engine parts from heat and pressure and it takes a beating. Eventually, this heat and pressure reduces the oil's ability to protect the engine and it must be replaced. Also, your engine sucks in air, which has dirt and dust, and this makes its way into the engine. The oil filter keeps most of this away from engine parts but eventually, the oil filter becomes clogged.

Depending on your driving habits, standard oil should be changed every 3,000 miles or so. The main advantage of synthetic oil is that it lasts longer and, while it's in your engine, it protects your engine better. It's been engineered to withstand heat and pressure much better than natural oil. This article has a lot of good background information. Synthetic oil costs twice as much as normal oil but lasts twice as long, so it's a wash in terms of expense.

However, what the article doesn't mention is also important. We don't recommend synthetic oil for everyone; we're not going to steer you to products or services we don't think will benefit you or prove valuable. If your car has more than 20,000 miles on it, your engine has already acclimated to natural oil and synthetic oil won't do it any good. In an older engine, synthetic oil won't damage anything, but it's too late for your engine to really benefit from synthetic oil and we don't recommend it because of the additional expense.

Synthetic Oil
Synthetic oil is a good option for newer cars.

However, we do carry BG products. If you have an older engine that uses standard oil, BG oil additives can provide many of the benefits of synthetic oils. BG products are proven to clean micro-passageways in gasoline direct-injection engines, clean stubborn oil deposits, restore engine balance and power and improve spark plug life, so ask us about them the next time you're in. For a complete list, and to learn more about BG's warranty, click here.


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