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Your battery is in pain

Your battery is in pain

Cold weather is cruel to batteries. We're seeing a lot of people in Boise come in with weak and dead batteries as temperatures get into the single digits. Through Feb. 28, get up to a $20 VISA rebate card when you purchase a qualifying NAPA battery. According to Industrial Battery Products, lead acid battery capacity drops about 20% from normal in freezing weather and it loses half its power when temperatures sink to about -22 degrees F. If that's not bad enough, your battery has more work to do in cold weather. When an engine is cold, the oil is thicker and the engine is much harder to turn over. At the same time, people are using accessories like the heater, seat warmer, defrosters and wipers. Even if the battery is new, cold weather can reduce ts capacity to where it can't start the car. The alternator, which recharges the battery, might not be ... read more

Cold weather is hard on batteries

Since Jan. 1, we've only had two days where the temperature reached above freezing and it's regularly been in the single digits and teens. Cold weather reduces a battery's effectiveness and a dead battery could endanger your life if you're stranded in freezing weather. This article at Fifthgear sums it up well. Cold weather reduces a battery's ability to hold a charge and to accept recharging (really hot weather is just as bad but we'll get into that later). Modern cars especially have lots of electronics that suck battery power as well. Stop by Plantation Tune Tech any time and we will check your battery's condition for free. You can trust us not to try and sell you a product you don't need. If your battery is fine, we'll send you on your way. If your battery is old, damaged or at risk of failing, we can also help with a replacement and we can installed ... read more


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