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when should you replace your car battery

The three signs you need to change your car battery

1. Does your car fail to start or is sluggish to turn over in the morning - while this is often a sign that your car battery is failing to hold a charge, there are tests that you can do to make sure that this is an accurate assessment - though, in all fairness, this is often the first sign that people use to decide whether their car battery needs to be changed. If your car fails to start in the morning, and you're sure there's nothing else wrong with it, chances are there's something wrong with the batteries - but before you rush out to replace the battery, give the terminals and connections a good clean, just to be sure.
2. Your car refuses to start after running for a while - this is often the cause of a lot of confusion for motorists - your car just won't restart when you get back in after filling up. In most cases, a catastrophic battery failure may have happened - or one of your leads may have come loose. Give the battery a quick check before panicking.
3. Your load test shows it needs changing - many people request load tests whenever their car is in for routine work, MOT's or services - it's a good idea to keep an eye on this because of the signs and symptoms of a failing battery, the load test is the most obvious and the easiest to track and prove. If your load test comes out that your car needs a new battery - chances are that your car will need a new battery.


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