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Wiper blades crucial for safety.

Dirty windshields are a huge safety problem and in November, and we will install new NAPA wiper blades for just $2 each.

wiper blades auto safety
Come in during November and we’ll replace your wiper blades for $2, installed!

There some great advice at First, dirty or scratched windshields and headlights are a big safety risk. If you receive glare from an oncoming car and cannot see due to a dirty windshield, your risk of having an accident is greatly increased. Dirty or scratched windshields will actually reflect the light causing more glare and possibly blinding your vision. It is a good idea to properly clean your windshield every time you fill up. Many service stations have windshield washing fluid and brushes free for you to use. It is also a good idea to check your headlights.


auto safety
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